Creative Scotland: CALL FOR: ‘Post-it’ art submissions

September 8, 2012

CALL FOR: ‘Post-it’ art submissions

Can you remember the last time you were transported out and felt the joy of losing yourself? Where were you? What were you doing? How long did it last? Would you share it with others? We are interested in hearing about people’s experiences of losing themselves –in music, in dance, in sports, in spiritual endeavour, in adventures, in extreme sports, in moments of intimacy…and more…

As part of THAT Fest we are exploring the theme of ecstasis with a number of artists (thanks to a brilliant project suggestion by film-maker Mark Cousins). We are now looking for you to get involved – and help us lose our way.

‘Post-it art’ submissions

Ahhh, the humble ‘post-it’ note…a place where doodles often lurk! But what becomes of these subconscious scribblings?

As part of THAT Festival 2012 we invite you to express yourself, go wild and give that ‘post-it’ the appreciation it deserves!

Step 1: Respond to the theme of ecstasis / losing yourself / the pursuit of happiness, be this through doodles, written word or a mini masterpiece – using that 3 inch sticky square we all know and love so well as your canvas.

Step 2: Photograph your ‘post-it’ creation and load it to Instragram with the hashtag #thatfest or send it as an email attachment to before the 30th September.

Step 3: Come and see your work on show at the Macrobert Art Centre as part of an interactive exhibition for THAT Festival 2012.

DEADLINE: Sunday 30th September

This opportunity is available in: All Scotland

For further information, please contact The deadline is Sunday 30 September 2012 at 00:00.

via Creative Scotland: CALL FOR: ‘Post-it’ art submissions.


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