News from Touched by Scotland September 2012

September 7, 2012

Buckskin Tanning with Willow Lohr

17th, 18th, 19th & 20th September

£200 + £10 materials (price does not include lunch)

A unique 4 day course in which you will not only learn how to tan a deerskin, but you will learn the accompanying set of skills and crafts which our ancestors had to engage in when the hunters brought home the kill. The course aims to re-capture the atmosphere, knowledge and skills of our Neolithic ancestors using the tanning methods which would have been employed in these early settlements. As such, aspects of this course will be physically demanding, smelly, and very real. You are rewarded, however, with a soft tanned deerskin and a practical understanding of the tanning process.

Find out more about Willow Lohr and her work on our website or in this month’s Country Living magazine (October 2012)

Felting: Hats & Head Wear with Liz Gaffney

15th & 16th September

9.30am – 4pm

£156 + £50 materials (price does not include lunch)

Liz Gaffney has been working with handmade felt for 16 years. She came to felt making through her love and colour as a N.D.S.F.Florist and studied fashion and design with pattern construction. Loving where this took her she studied for a further year to learn the fundamentals of Millinery.

A two day workshop culminating in at least one wearable hat and a surge of new skills. If you have machine sewing skills and would like to bring your own sewing machine please do.

via News from Touched by Scotland.


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